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Emergent Earth Village at MCH2022

Emergent Earth Village @MCH2022
Emergent Earth Village @MCH2022



We can only build the futures that we can imagine

Coasters that are left at the bar

We are asking people to imagine a good future. These are stickers, coasters, and personally asking for images of a good future.

After collecting the information, we expose the list of the ideas in the village, as a poster or some other way to be decided.

Because we can only the futures that we can imagine,

Only by facing the grief we have the energy to make the changes we need to make

stickers to ask people ways to cope with climate grief

We will also put stickers on the stickerbox asking people how do they cope with climate grief. For 2 reasons. One, to talk about the climate and 'promote' what is happening in the village . The other reason, it to 'map out' ideas of coping.

Information posters and their files

A3 print syntoms

We printed 2 A3 posters:

  1. Defense and coping types : avoidant and approach. (Maladaptive and adaptative coping, )
  2. Eco anxiety, range of feelings (Caroline Hickman conceptual frame on how eco-anxiety manifests, based on her clinical observations of people from the Maldives, USA, Brazil, Nigeria, Banglsdesh and UK)